Fiber Optic Curtains from IWEISS

IWEISS knows fiber optic curtains. There is so much you can do with star drops and illuminators. Strobes, DMX functionality and made to order star drops for the perfect night sky for your application are just the beginning of what IWEISS can help you with.

Be sure to check out our Understanding Fiber Optic Curtains section for some ideas and concepts to help get you started.

The options for fiber optic star drops are virtually endless. From a random night sky, to a specific constellation, or a custom design such as a logo or skyline – anything is possible.

Our standard star drop is fabricated with black Crescent Velour or black Commando Cloth with lining, and a random star spread of 3.125 points per square foot. The drop is finished with hidden webbing, grommets and ties on all sides. The lining is attached and removable with Velcro® on all four sides.

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