Sound Control Banner System

The SoundControl is a banner system that can be supplied in single or multiple panel lengths as a roller or a stacker design. The unit’s base is a steel frame featuring mounting positions for structural or surface mounts to various exterior finishes. Our Banner System is completely constructed in-house from fabric panels to mechanics and controls. All systems are fully tested prior to shipment and can be purchased for delivery or furnished and installed by IWEISS field staff.


  • 120V/5amp or 208VAC
  • Roller Banners up to 12ft wide
  • Stacker Banners up to 20ft wide(custom available)
  • Seamless fabric panels up to 62”
  • 23oz synthetic velour, 29oz wool available on stacker systems only
  • 2”, 4”, 6” fabric spacing
  • 0-25’ vertical travel


  • Symmetrical unit design
  • Easy limit settings
  • Universal mounting positions
  • Standard and custom colors
  • Acoustic testing data available
  • Easy motor access
  • Absolute encoder positioning
  • Controlled by a standard ethernet cable


  • Custom outfitting available
  • Unit enclosure (shown in photo, available)

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