Can you tell at a glance whether your stage equipment is in safe working condition? Do you regularly maintain your equipment? Are all your operators trained in the proper handling of the equipment?

Ensure safety, reduce your liability risk, and protect your investment by scheduling an annual stage rigging inspection. This is not only a smart preventive measure, but also an OSHA requirement in most states. IWEISS will send an experienced professional to test and inspect your stage equipment including the fire curtain, and prepare a written evaluation. Hazardous conditions and equipment problems will be identified before they result in system failure or injury.

IWEISS offers the following inspection packages:

Basic Inspection

Hands on analysis and evaluation of all components of the existing rigging system and fire curtain by an ETCP Certified Rigger
Formal written report- Identifying existing conditions, explanation of any deficient circumstances, and recommendations for resolving any code or safety hazards
Flame Test of all hanging drapery
Turnover of a Maintenance Log
Turnover of a Rigging Glossary
Appropriate required OSHA safety and operation signs

Premium Inspection

Includes the Basic Inspection PLUS:

A training session to educate all facility personnel who are responsible for maintenance and operation of the system
The duration of the inspection and associated fees vary with the extent of your equipment.

Don’t wait until someone gets hurt!

Due to the possibility of unknown pre-existing conditions with the theatre rigging equipment, IWEISS will not be held liable for damage to the physical building and or equipment or any consequent delays in the theatre operation schedule resulting from normal use of the rigging system during our inspection.

If you would like to receive a quotation for an inspection, please download our rigging inspection form, or complete our online request form to get started.

Request for a Rigging Safety Inspection

The following questionnaire will provide us with important information about your rigging system, enabling us to properly schedule the inspection. 

Answer as many questions as you can and email your completed form to info@iweiss.com.

One of our ETCP certified rigging inspectors will contact you.




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