IWEISS is a 120 plus year old company that was born on Broadway and grew to become a nationally recognized firm providing theatrical drapery, manual and automation rigging systems and a full line of theatrical products. In 2014 IWEISS hired an independent licensed physical engineer specializing in theatre to assist in the design and testing of our manual rigging line equipment, Align. In the beginning, IWEISS only installed our own equipment until we, as a company were confident that the product and services offered were as good if not better than what the industry was previously provided.

2018 marked our first year in the distribution of our manual rigging systems to a nationwide selection of theatrically based suppliers and contractors. We are proud to state that IWEISS’ Align rigging equipment has been installed in venues from elementary schools and churches to nationally acclaimed Broadway touring venues, regional theatres and New York City Broadway theatres and performing art centers. At IWEISS our entire staff is available to assist in projects of all shapes and sizes and we hope that we will be able to work with you in the future.



verb: align; 3rd person present: aligns; past tense: aligned; present participle: aligning

1. place or arrange (things) in a straight line.
2. come together in agreement or alliance.

noun: align

1. the full line of IWEISS rigging equipment.

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