Stage, Orchestra, Trap, Flat Floor Conversion System

Whether lifting an orchestra pit, small trap, or entire stage, SERAPID lifts are a valuable asset to a performance venue. Lifts provide a safe working atmosphere while a simple programmable control system can easily adjust the lift to various floor elevations. Automated decks cut down on set up costs, required personnel, and storage needs.

IWEISS is a certified installer and inspector of SERAPID stage lifts, orchestra lifts, and platform lift systems. In addition, we are an authorized distributor of all SERAPID lifting products. SERAPID specializes in horizontal and vertical motion thorugh the use of their LinkLift™ rigid chain technology. The rigid chain is a mechanical actuator hat is flexible in one direction and rigid as a steel beam in the other.

As a mechanical system it eliminates the issues associated with hydraulic, cable, and pneumatic systems.

IWEISS manufactures all steel components and control systems in house to provide the most cost efficient option for your new lift system or controls upgrade.

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