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Curtain Machine

The curtain machine is designed for the use of motorizing various stage, decorative, acoustical curtains and scenic elements. With its sleek design using state of the art technology, this unit has a small footprint offering large capacities. The curtain machine has a travel capacity of up to 50ft in a single direction and bi-parts up to 100ft wide at a fixed or variable speed up to 1.5 feet/sec in a single direction or 3 feet/sec in a bi-part operation. The formed steel framework allows for installation adjustability and mounting on brackets or flat structures.
The curtain machine comes standard with a cable tensioning device. The unit has a 1Hp gearmotor and allows for an integrated absolute encoder and comes with a 4-cam rotary limit switch and all curtain machine units are provided in black. The nylon drum is grooved for 3/16” cable but can be customized to your requirements.



ViaTraveler Curtain Machine


The ViaTraveler is a zero fleet winch designed for moving horizontal loads up to 60 feet. This unit has been specifically manufactured to work in conjunction with all standard stage curtain tracks. Its zero fleet capability permits close placement of unit to pulleys or in tight spaces and eliminates concern with fleet angles. Its closed loop design allows for bi-direction motion of any horizontal movement. In addition ViaTraveler can be installed in any orientation and has one of the smallest cubic areas on the market.
The ViaTraveler is a powerful, versatile, and easy to use curtain machine that offers a cost-effective solution for most motorized curtains.



ViaTraveler in Use

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