Our pipe and base equipment is easy to handle, quick to set up and take down without tools, and requires minimum storage space. Pipe and drape is perfect for traditional trade show use, a quick room divider, backdrop, or creative event decor. The popular Slip Fit System uses a pin that is attached to the base in any of up to three mounting holes. Set up only requires placing a base on the floor and slipping an upright over the pin. Just hook in your drape support and you’re done. It’s that simple.

Uprights and Bases

Bases are available with or without Edge Protectors. Bases are industrial equipment and the raw edges are sharp. Edge protectors will help protect your hands while maneuvering the bases. The rubber edges will also help protect your non-carpeted floors.


Drape Supports

The Drape Support is perhaps the most important component of the trade show booth. They must be rugged enough to stand up to repeated use, yet light enough to be easily handled. Construction of a Drape Support begins with our extruded, anodized aluminum tubes that are fabricated in our factory. Our cast aluminum and steel Hook Ends are then attached to the Drape Support with four steel rivets before final assembly. If there is only one component that sets our Drape Supports above the rest of the industry, it is our unique cast aluminum hook end. Each Hook End features a rugged steel hook cast into a solid aluminum end. They are universally recognized as being the best in the industry due to their strength and durability. They will last years longer than the plastic hook ends used by our competition. Telescoping Drape Supports feature our unique button lock system that allows the length of the drape support to be adjusted in precise increments. Fixed Length Drape Supports offer an economical alternative when every booth is the same size. We stock 8 Ft. and 10 Ft. Fixed Drape Supports for immediate shipment. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Drape Panels

Poly Premier

Poly Premier is a knitted product with a linen look and a perfect choice for a more upscale looking trade show booth. It is available in all the most popular colors and dye lots are extremely consistent. We recommend using three drapes per 10 feet of pipe. 

Performance Velour

Cotton Velour offers a more theatrical look and is very popular as a backdrop or room divider. Black is standard, but other colors are available.

Custom drapes for pipe and drape are also available upon request

Base Weights

Base Weight

Base Weights are the perfect upgrade from sand bags and cinder blocks to add stability to uprights and bases. They offer a professional look and are a very green product – Made from 100% recycled rubber.

Each base measures 18″ x 18″ x 2″ with a horse shoe shape designed to easily and quickly slide over a base with upright and a carrying handle for easy transport and placement.

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