ViaControl is a multi-use control station for all IWEISS via product—from a single axis up to 100 axes. The enclosure is UL listed and allows for the use of a remote pendant with a second E-stop and momentary push buttons for directional control. The base station has a touch screen for axis selection as well as limit status, on/off key switch and a latched E-stop button, crash bars can be mounted on the face for the protection of the control station. External mounting holes allow for easy installation without opening the enclosure.


  • Dimensions: 12″ wide x 6″ deep x 12″tall
  • Power: 120V, 5A Single Phase


  • Safety: On/off key-powered switch allows for only single axis movement at a time; latching E-stop buttons located on both base station and hand-held pendant; remote hand-held pendant with momentary directional push buttons
  • Convenience: Touch screen control station has timed program; automatically deselects axes after 30 minutes
  • Enclosure: Hinged steel UL listed enclosure
  • Compatibilities: Works with all IWEISS automation products and many other commercially available drives and motor starters


  • Custom configurations available

Alevo Controller

Whether you’re operating a set of show cues or using the system backstage in a maintenance/utility role, the ALÉVO Control Software offers a scalable option for accurate control of virtually any automated machine. With handheld, wall-mount and desktop control consoles available, features include: absolute encoder positioning, axis status monitoring, variable speed operation, load sensing, slack line detection and many others. All consoles utilize high resolution
multi-touch displays to give the user a familiar control interface that can include one-finger sliding and pinch-to-zoom functionality. To complement ALÉVO’s versatility, custom screens can be created to match the needs of any performance space. ALÉVO also offers the option of intelligent plug stations that allows the user to operate only axes that are within line of sight, thus creating another level of safety. With the ALÉVO Control System, IWEISS can offer the right control solution for any operator, venue or performance.


  • Handheld and desktop controllers available
  • High resolution multi-touch display
  • Hard go/stop button to initiate motion
  • Cueing and jogging capabilities
  • Flexible power requirements
  • Can control a virtually unlimited number of axes
  • Absolute encoder positioning
  • Axis status monitoring (limits, drive faults, disconnects, etc.)
  • Intelligent axis plug stations
  • All components UL listed
  • Ability to add axes for future expansion


  • Load sensing
  • Slackline/cross-groove detection
  • Custom display screens
  • Proportional joystick for precise variable-speed control
  • External emergency-stop (E-stop) stations
  • Multiple control stations on the same network
  • Password-protected access for different user levels
  • 2D venue imaging feedback
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