As far as we are concerned almost anything is a printable material, even Venetian Blinds. Our standard selection includes various synthetic and cotton materials suitable for any purpose, i.e. backdrops, banners, groundcovers or exteriors. Samples can be supplied upon request.

Trevira Gauze

Stoplight (blackout)
Adhesive Foil
Image Paper
PVC Flooring

Flag Cloth
Projection Screen
Vinyl Net
Vinyl + Clear Vinyl

Technical Requirements

Four-color images are printed in CMYK.

  • We use Adobe Photoshop Tiff files on our digital airbrush machines. The size of the files depends on the printing resolution.
  • For printing with our VUTEk Ultra Vu 5300 machine we use either Adobe Photoshop PDF or Adobe Illustrator PDF. When the composition contains much text or flat colors, Adobe Illustrator PDF is the best choice.

Your file

  • We accept most files and medias: Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Xpress, InDesign, Pagemaker, Free Hand or Corel Draw. (For example: CD, Zip, Jaz, OpticalDisc or Syquest, (Originals can be sent with: E-mail, Ftp and ISDN).


  • Pictures should be made in Adobe Photoshop TIFF or EPS in scale 1:10 with 350dpi or in scale 1:1 with 35dpi. The size of the files should not be more than 300MB. Heavier files should be made in scale 1:10 with 100dpi or scale 1:1 with 10dpi. We use the CMYK (not RGB). Please do not use JPEG, Gif or BMP since these formats destroy information in the picture.


  • Graphics and texts can be made in Illustrator. The text should be made with paths. The artwork size in scale 1:10 or any proportional scale of your choice. If an image should be placed in the document please do it according to the directions above (Adobe Photoshop). Please enclose the picture separately if changes will be needed. Flat colors are made in PMS or CMYK. Save the document as an EPS or AI.


  • Document in scale 1:1 or 1:10. Pictures and graphics as above (Photoshop, Illustrator). Mounted pictures in TIFF or EPS format.
  • Do not make preview in JPEG since the document will not export as EPS when this is done.
  • Always enclose placed images and used fonts.
  • “Collect for output” and compress everything in Stuffit on the Mac or WinZip on the PC.


  • See QuarkXpress


  • See QuarkXpress. Also enclose an EPS file or PDF.


  • Graphics and texts can be made in Adobe Illustrator. The text should be converted to outlines. The document should be made in scale 1:10 or proportional to any scale of your choice. If an image is placed in the document, please make sure that the image follows the specifications above (Adobe Photoshop). Please also enclose the placed images separately if changes are needed. Flat colors should be made in PMS or CMYK. Save the document as an EPS or in Macromedia FreeHand® format.


  • See Illustrator.

Document compression

  • Compress the documents in Stuffit or DiscDoubler (Mac), Winzip for PC.
  • Please compress all documents before sending them to us and always enclose placed images and used fonts.
  • Please enclose color proofs of any kind or information about used Pantone colors.
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Drapery Digital Printing Materials & Technical Requirements