H & M – Fifth Avenue

h&m truss automation rigging

We recently completed the fabrication and installation of a 20’ x 20’ square self-climbing lighting truss in the atrium of H&M’s Fifth Avenue store. The truss travels a vertical distance of 30’ on four cables and was designed by IWEISS to be operated by a single line-shaft system with dual cable drums. All equipment is contained in a 15” custom fabricated box truss, with electrical raceways underneath each section accommodating a total of 36 lighting units with DMX. The single line-shaft system offers several benefits for any venue. While cutting down on equipment cost it also requires less electrical wiring on site, and eliminates additional software and hardware required to ensure synchronized operation of all four cables. Line-shaft system – J.R. Clancy. Truss – Applied Electronics. Raceways – SSRC. Physical Engineering – Nolan Engineering Services


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January 11, 2019

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