The New School

new school automation winch rigging

Working with Tishman Construction, SOM architect and FDA Consultants, IWEISS furnished and installed 56 lifting columns for a flat floor conversion system using SERAPID lifting technology and installed a 3,000lb project wall and lighting pipe which lead to the R&D of one of our stock winches, the T-Drum, which has been used on a number of projects to date.

The flooring system allows The New School to create of number of different venue seating orientations from stadium seating, flat floor, run catwalks, reverse seating, and stage presentation. In addition we also provided a rolling seating platform system that was integrated into the control system for even more seating arrangements. The tolerances on the lifting column layout did not allow for any mistakes and required clearance between moving elements of less than ¼ inch and installed product to be accurate within 1 millimeter.

To this day, the space is heavily used throughout the universities various programming. It is a popular rental venue and has even hosted fashion week events.  The intricate details of this project showcase the versatility of IWEISS as a company.



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January 10, 2019

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