TRInity Church

IWEISS was selected as the contractor for the motorized rigging renovation of the Chandeliers in the Trinity Church located in lower Manhattan in New York City, a national historic landmark constructed in 1846. 

Tasked with installing (12) custom hoists that would raise and lower each of the chandeliers along with over 75 ft of power and low voltage control wiring operated by the IWEISS Alevo control system with up to (10) programmable presets, all within a four month time frame, was no small feat. 

Each chandelier is supported by a dual line pile-on hoist with redundant braking and absolute positioning control.  Working in the space required engineering and installation of sub mounting structures onto the building’s original wood beams, as well as working within the very tight angles of the church’s pitched roof. 

Unfortunately, due to COVID, the final training of the system was delayed however the church has been able to broadcast from the finished space allowing them to show off their (12) newly renovated chandeliers being supported by IWEISS engineering and automation. 

Architect: Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects

General Contractor: Sciame Construction, LLC

Theatre Consultant:  Auerbach Pollock Friedlander

Top Photo:  Colin Winterbottom

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Trinity Church